Are you planning your next holidays in the U.K?

The United Kingdom always has had a lot to offer its visitors’ from all around the globe. Planning a vacation to the UK doesn’t seem an onerous task nowadays particularly from GCC countries. But then again, whether you apply online or use an agent, a little extra information can widen your perspective to the mistakes you might make when applying for a visa. It’s a matter of knowing the right steps.

Tips before you start your U.K tourist visa application

Type of visa: Standard visitor visa

Purpose of visit: Leisure/tourism

The validity of the UK tourist visa: up to 6 months

Here are 4 steps on how you can receive your U.K tourist visa for a Philippine passport holder

Step 1: Check into the official website of U.K visa and immigration to apply for a visa.

Step 2: Pay your visa fees online and book an appointment for Biometric at your nearest VFS centre in U.A.E.

Step 3: Attend the appointment on time with supporting documents* along with payment receipt and submit biometrics at the visa application centre in your residing country.

Step 4: A successful application will get a sticker that will be fixed in your passport with conditions stating what you can do and not to do while you’re visiting. You will be sent a letter of explanation if your application has been rejected.

If you need to visit the U.K more often, you can apply for Long Standard visa for 2, 5, or 10 years, which allows you to visit U.K multiple times with a maximum allowed stay up to 6 months on a single visit.


One recent photograph

Completed and signed application as per embassy norms

Valid Philippine Passport: minimum of 6 months validity from the date of travel

Residence permit: minimum of 6 months validity from the date of travel.

Bank statements: Past 6 month’s transactions

No Objection letter: Letter from the employer/ sponsor of the applicant

Travel itinerary Flight and Hotel reservations: Copy of flight tickets both ways and proof to show hotel reservation

Other supporting documents that prove your eligibility.

Find out your U.K tourist visa processing time with us

Given here how you can get your UK tourist visa in 4 steps, it is also important you go in the right direction while you prepare your documents. It is always good to go to an experienced visa consultant who can guide you and help in efficient documentation at the comfort of your home or office.