Finally, at the beginning of 2023, Croatia joined the Schengen Area! The nation had moved on to the important step of making major adjustments to meet Schengen standards and had officially joined as a member.

The European Parliament revealed its approval for lifting the internal border checks between Croatia and the Schengen Area on November 10, 2022. The EU rapporteur on Croatia's entry into the Schengen Area, Paulo Rangel MEP, opined that Croatia is well-prepared to join the Schengen Area, the free-travel area. It has ticked the boxes of all the crucial and suggested conditions. Croatia had gone through the most in-depth review for Schengen membership of any nation to date and successfully met 281 recommendations in 8 areas of the Schengen acquis.

On December 8, 2022, a vote among EU state members agreed and approved the complete Schengen membership of Croatia.

The New Member of Schengen

Now, the Schengen Area holds 27 members after the new entrance of Croatia. The current Schengen nations, of which there are now 4 EFTA members and 23 complete EU members, including Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway.

There are Bulgaria and Romania in the list of candidate nations. The context was that on December 8, EU member states cast ballots, neglecting the above-mentioned two nations' full membership. The biggest benefit since Croatia joined the Schengen Area is that travelers visiting from other member states are simply permitted to enter without having to pass through tough border controls.

The flourishing industry of tourism and the nation's growing economy will definitely gain valuable things from this move. The country will become more accessible for visiting purposes, enhancing its appeal as a top vacation spot. You shouldn’t forget that Croatia has recently started issuing Schengen visas as well. The eurozone embraced Croatia on January 1, 2023. The next crucial date is March 26, 2023, when internal air borders are to be lifted.

Visitors Required to Have ETIAS

The official candidate nations and complete Schengen members must comply with ETIAS (the European Travel Information and Authorisation). According to this, Croatia is subjected to the regulations of ETIAS. As Croatia is about to become a full member, all the visa-exempt third countries visitors need to apply for ETIAS before planning a visit. For all hassle free visa services contact